Having finally burnt his bridges at Borussia Dortmund, it looks like the end is nigh for want away Arsenal forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Despite being among the finest goal scorers in the Bundesliga since its inception, and among the most prolific scorers in BVB history, it looks like the time has arrived for “Auba” to move on.

Left out of the squad for Friday’ game at Hertha Berlin, Aubameyang stayed behind having shown a lack of the right mentality during training on Thursday before the side left for the capital. With Alexis Sanchez going out of Arsenal, it would appear that the Gabon forward is to be their chosen replacement for the Chilean. With a deal touted at around €70m, it will be interesting to see how the forward settles into a league he’d previously shown little inclination to go to.

Michael Zorc, the Dortmund Director of Football, was very clear about what was going on with the club’ top scorer, saying: “We have the impression at the moment that he has his head on other things and is not fully focused.”

While it’s a shame to see what was once a very plutonic partnership come to an end, Aubameyang has missed more games for BVB through suspension than injury since he arrived under Jürgen Klopp. The time has come for Dortmund to move on, it would appear, as the player sent you the wrong messages one time too many.

From angering the club due to his extravagant choice of vehicle upon arrival to the club through missing numerous meetings over the years, his latest behaviour has seen Dortmund finally choose to call time and cut loose from the forward.