When the full-time score came in from Anfield on Tuesday night, the persistence of zeroes was not to be expected. With two sides who love to score but have a penchant for conceding goals, too, the 0-0 draw that Bayern Munich got with Liverpool was probably the last score that anyone might have expected. According to Niko Kovac, though, it should not be a huge surprise: The Bayern boss believes that the Bundesliga can go toe-to-toe with the Premier League in many ways.

A well-drilled defensive display has seen the Croatian take his time to the English ground and come out the other side with a hugely impressive, highly creditable result. It leaves both sides with something to play for in the second leg, but it’s fair to say that the Bavarians are likely the happier of the pair.

Speaking after the game, Kovac was clear that the Bundesliga is a high quality league, saying: “We produced a top performance against a top opponent, I think I have to highlight that once again. They were in the final last season and this season are leading the Premier League. It’s a great performance. The Bundesliga doesn’t need to hide behind the Premier League, and especially Bayern Munich,

“We have a lot of quality, we have proven that in recent years, but nothing is done yet. I’m the last one to go and start celebrating now. We’ll take the result, but we have to concentrate, focus, and perform at 100 per cent in the next game.”

Despite both Borussia Dortmund and FC Schalke 04 losing to English opposition, Bayern more than matched Jürgen Klopp and his side in the first leg at Anfield. If they do the same, or better, in the Allianz Arena, it might just prove him to be correct after all.