If you have not heard the name Joshua Zirkzee in the past, expect that to change pretty quickly. The Dutch striker was a semi-regular for FC Bayern Munich last year, but has dropped off the first-team picture this year. The fitness and continued health of Robert Lewandowski has limited chances, as has the Polish strikers immaculate form. However, despite playing just three games in the league so far, the FCB striker is heavily linked with some very intriguing moves. Among them is a loan move to Everton that would see him given more of a chance to play in a competitive environment for an elite coach.

Indeed, it is reported that Everton are fighting it out with top clubs in Holland as well as teams in Italy to bring the forward in on loan. Parma are also linked with a move for the Dutchman, but it is speculated that the relationship coach Carlo Ancelotti has with his former club – despite being sacked – could see him win the race to take the youngster on loan. The aim would be to take him on loan and develop the player, with the option for a purchase to arrive in the summer of 2021.

However, Bayern are seen to be keen to bring the player onboard for the long-term and would be unlikely to want to sell without a buyback clause. Zirkzee is seen as one of the most exciting young forwards in world football, and simply needs to be given first-team game time to find his form and his confidence.

With no shortage of talent and physical quality, though, there is nothing to say that Zirkzee couldn’t be a breakout star in the Premier League.

Are Everton the right move for Joshua Zirkzee?

It would certainly be a challenge to get a game for an Everton side that is loaded with offensive talent. However, while the likes of Dominic Calvert-Lewin has impressed beyond all expectation, it is the form of other strikers that makes Zirkzee appealing. Outside of ‘DCL’, Everton lack goals. The form of loan striker Moise Kean over in Paris only adds to the frustration that the side lacks goals off the bench.

Zirkzee, though, would soon offer the pace, athleticism, and skill to stretch the game for long periods of time. He is the ideal striker for what Everton need; a fast, aggressive substitute who can start from time to time and form a partnership with Calvert-Lewin. For Everton, the need to bring in a young forward who can grow with the rest of their core unit means that we are likely to see some pretty big changes soon.

So, are Everton the right choice for a young striker who is ready to contribute in a team that has a solid chance of playing in Europe? It appears so. Expect the youngster to be wearing a different shirt than an FC Bayern shirt come the end of January – his time has come.