When Niklas Sule signed for FC Bayern, it was seen as another dominant move by the top club in Germany. Signing up an outstanding young talent with time on his side and no shortage of talent? It was a no-brainer. However, despite being an impressive part of the Bayern team for several years now, it would be fair to say that Sule has not become a de facto starter. Even with the slow but sure drop-off of the likes of Mats Hummels (now back at Borussia Dortmund) and Jerome Boateng, the German has failed to make the starting spot his own.

Indeed, it has now left the player in an awkward position. With 18 months to go on his deal, the 25-year-old could soon be available for transfer once again. Coach Hansi Flick was nonchalant when asked about keeping the player, saying that it was up to the player to decide “where he sees his future” – given the fact he has played less under Flick, he might not be as appreciated as he was by previous Bayern coaches.

This could see Bayern make the move to jettison the player and get a good deal for him. By the time the next transfer window opens, he will have a single year left on his deal. With Davide Alaba in the process of leaving Bayern on a free transfer, it is unlikely the Bavarians would allow lightning to strike twice.

Where would Niklas Sule go if he left FC Bayern?

While he would likely have suitors in Germany, such as BVB and RB Leipzig, it is unlikely Sule would ‘step down’ to lesser domestic options. Instead, the most likely betting has come in the form of a move to the English Premier League. With characteristics made for the English game, Sule could be a no-brainer signing for someone.

Chelsea have been heavily linked, with the club in long-term need of a new central defender. New coach Thomas Tuchel, and a growing number of Germanic players in the squad, would make a fine drop-off point for Sule. So, too, would Liverpool, who are knowingly short on defensive options and the few defenders they do have show increasing proneness to injury.

As such, a move to London could be most likely. Should Chelsea make the UEFA Champions League, expect Sule to arrive at Cobham. He has been long linked with a move to England, and in the past has been open about the prospect. Having won everything he can at Bayern, Sule could make a fine addition to another team and offer himself a chance to try out something new.

For Bayern, though, the discussion comes down to finance. They could probably afford to keep Sule, but would he offer value for money at the figures that would be asked for? It is hard to say. For now, expect an exit to be the most likely outcome for a player who has more than served his time in German football.