It has been a pretty up and down few months for Tottenham and the support. Every big win feels like it is followed by a poor result. The big win against Manchester City was met by a loss against Burnley, and a win in the league at Leeds United was followed-up by a poor cup exit to Middlesbrough. It was a poor set of results for Spurs, often coming on the back of a big win. With a 5-0 win on Monday against a frankly awful Everton, what awaits for Antonio Conte and co. this weekend?

One thing that has come out in recent days, though, is reports regarding Harry Kane. Though the Spurs captain burnt some bridges with fans after his public and protracted exit attempt, his form under Conte has been pretty excellent. However, reports in Sky Germany suggest that Kane is still keen to move on in the summer and that it would take a huge change at the club to convince him to think about staying.

This will likely come as a blow for the club, as they had hoped a UEFA Champions League return could satisfy Kane. However, Marc Behrenbeck of Sky Sports Germany has reported that Kane is still interested in leaving the club in the summer. A new deal has been reported in some parts of the press, but Behrenbeck was quick to shoot down any talk of this being realistic.

Manchester City set to return for Kane?

From the words of the Sky journalist, it might be a move up north to Manchester that takes place. City are regularly being linked with Erling Haaland, but if Behrenbeck is right they could end up with the England man in his prime. For many, this would represent an all-or-nothing move from Pep Guardiola to finally land the UEFA Champions League presuming they fail to do so this season.

According to Behrenbeck, then, a move for Kane will come in the summer. The journalist noted on the Transfer Update show on Sky Sports Germany: He is not renewing his contract and wants to try again in the summer to go to Manchester City.

“He fits perfectly into the system (of Manchester City and Pep Guardiola). In addition, it would be almost the last chance for him (to move to a competitor) because of his age.”

For some fans, this would come as a blow after such good form from the England man recently. However, for others, it will be entirely expected. Though it would be a blow to lose Kane, a fee in excess of £100m could provide Conte with enough funds to make some big changes to the first-team playing staff.

With so many squad gaps to cover, it might come a time where Kane has to be sacrificed to fund the next Spurs team. Though it would hurt to lose a fan favourite and a club supporter from the first-team, sometimes necessities like this are required to rebuild.