For Tottenham fans, being able to sing about ‘one of our own’ has been a wonderful part of recent history. The club has become recognised for giving youth a chance from the academy. The likes of Harry Winks and Oliver Skipp offer really exciting opportunities about the future of the club. However, the problem for Tottenham is that they are in a position where they want to win now. Winning now often does not go hand-in-hand with mass development of young talent and academy boys. When you hire a coach like Antonio Conte, too, you do not do so simply to ask him to coach the U23s.

With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that some academy boys will not make the grade under Conte. The Italian taskmaster is known for being extremely demanding, which is why only those who follow instruction will stick around. This should come as no surprise, then, that players like Eric Dier have managed to make a name for themselves under Conte. A diligent professional who does as he is asked, Dier is enjoying a career revival under Conte.

Japhet Tanganga, though, is not enjoying anything like the same opportunity. So much so that reports now suggest the defender, who has not played for two months, is finished as a serious option within the squad. Ruled out for the rest of the year with injury, his poor form prior to being dropped and then injured means that Conte might look to cash in.

Reports suggest that a fee of around £13m would be needed to make sure that Tottenham give up on the youngster. For one who looked so promising on debut, though, this is a likely sad end to what looked to be an exciting career at Spurs.

Why are Spurs moving on from Tanganga?

Put simply, the player has not developed or improved much at all since he first broke through. 19 games have been played this season, and performances have often been closer to bad than good. His inconsistent form paired up with his immaturity means that it is hard for Conte to give Tanganga any real time on the pitch.

Add in the tight nature of the Premier League where one loss can derail the objectives of the season, and it is easy to see why Tottenham and Conte in particular might be keen to avoid giving Tanganga too much more time on the pitch. Though clearly a talented player, his lack of on-the-pitch development has been a problem for both the player and the club for some time now.

Expect an exit to come in the summer as Conte continues to shift, change, and adjust the entire squad to fit a new benchmark. For that reason, fans should expect to see some other younger players given a chance. With Conte, though, it is sink-or-swim. If they fail to impress as Tanganga has done, they will likely follow him out of the door.